The Kitchen Garden Radio Show, 8th of June 2018

The Kitchen Garden Radio Show

On the Show this week, we talk to Janine Kennedy (@siucrashack & Cooking With Craic) a Canadian Chef now living in Ireland about how she came to live and cook in Ireland and Irish ingredients.

We talk about Elderflowers and there are recipes for Elderflower Cordial, Sparkling Wine and Elderflower Fritters.

There’s a report from Bloom 2018.

In the Garden there are lots of jobs to do this week:
• Direct Sow beet, carrot, peas, Kale, French Beans, Swede and Turnip.
• Ensure that soil in hanging baskets and patio planters is kept moist.
• Apple and pear trees will shed some fruit, this is known as the ‘June drop’. This is quite natural, it’s the trees way of restricting the amount of fruit that develop.
• gooseberries plan
• Continually nip out side shoots from upright (cordon) tomato plants.
• Stay on top of weeds
• Harden off tender plants raised indoors,
• Reduce snail populations by going on regular evening hunts, especially during damp weather
• Pick rhubarb
• Sow batches of salad leaves

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