The Kitchen Garden Radio Show, 22nd of June 2018

The Kitchen Garden Show

On the Show this week we talk to John Hoyne from the Fisherman’s Market in Kilkenny city about Seafood, it’s availability, variety and he gives us some tips for how to use less well known varieties.

We also talk about Gooseberries and Mags suggests ways to use up the current glut.

In Nature Notes, we stick with the sea theme and hear about the Gannet, one of the most striking of the Irish Seabirds.

in the garden there’s lots to do but watch out for the Horseflies!

Some jobs to do this week:
• Direct Sow beet, carrot, peas, Kale, French Beans, Swede and Turnip.
• Stay on top of weeds
• Sow batches of salad leaves
• Feed tomato plants fortnightly with a liquid fertiliser (this must be diluted in water to prevent burning the plants)
• Check gooseberries for sawfly. Prune this year’s growth back to 4-5 leaves (this shouldn’t affect fruit as they appear on old wood).

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