The Kitchen Garden Radio Show, 15th February 2019

Kitchen Garden Radio Show 150219

On the Show this week, Mags pays a visit to the Green Barn Restaurant at Burtown House, in Kildare, there’s WOOFER chat, puppy updates and Food News.

We speak to Biologist Dr. Jane Stout of Trinity College Dublin about the drop in insect numbers being recorded in Ireland, the Forum for Natural Capital and the National Pollinator Plan.

We also discuss the upcoming Beginner’s Beekeeping Course in Kilkenny being run by the Mid Kilkenny Beekeepers Association.

In the garden there are some jobs to do now to make the garden brighter in the Summer and next Spring:

  • prune Wisteria shoots back to 2 buds,
  • tidy up ornamental grasses, removing last year’s dead growth,
  • prune Fuscia,
  • identify clumps of Snowdrops to split after they have flowered.

We finish the show with music from Haley Heynderickx – The Bug Collector.

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