Business Development Consulting

For many start-ups and for some small & medium food manufacturers, running a business can be a confusing and isolating role. While Local Enterprise Offices can provide invaluable tools, navigating the services available can sometimes be as confusing as establishing or growing the business.

I can help you with the start-up process to get your business on the right track – right from the start. For an established business, I can help you to cut costs, identify new opportunities and grow your business.

Creativity and brand development are also crucial in the development of a successful food or beverage product. This creativity extends from the food or drink itself to the packaging format, to branding, PR, messaging and on to the marketing of a product.

Having helped a diverse group of companies establish and grow their brands and having been emerced in the Food Development sector in recent years I offer my clients expertise in all of these fields.

The Services I offer include:

  • Business planning
  • Business Development
  • How to create a business strategy
  • Innovation for small food manufacturers
  • Market Research
  • Open/Disruptive Innovation
  • Research & Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Brand development
  • Creative copywriting
  • How to create a company presentation
  • How to create unique selling points
  • Internet Food Marketing
  • •Marketing
  • Product Commercialisation
  • Public Relations
  • Sales Development
  • Website Development
  • Customer service
  • HACCP and understanding regulations
  • Merchandising
  • New Product Development
  • Packaging and its critical importance
  • Understanding the consumer
  • Understanding the retail sector
  • Understanding the wholesale sector

Some of the companies I have worked with:

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