Talking Wild Food with Ken McGuire, May

Wild food MayMay sees the start of the Time of Plenty in the Garden and in the wild.

From here to Autumn, a wider variety of edible plant species come into season. To showcase some of the easiest to find (and the prettiest) I created a Salad with some edible flowers and leaves from the lawn. In the Salad were:

  • Primrose flowers
  • Daisy flowers
  • Dandelion flowers
  • Ransom (wild garlic) flowers
  • Vetch
  • Hawthorn leaves

There is also a delicious type of Mushroom available in May too. The St. George’s Mushroom is easy to identify and appears around St. George’s day (23rd of April).

I brought these treats along on my monthly trip to Ken McGuire at KCLR. We enjoyed both with a little lightly-fried Venison. Delicious.