Beekeeping Mentorship

help with bee keeping

If you are thinking about keeping Bees, starting out in Beekeeping or if you have had problems keeping Bees in the past, you might want to find a Beekeeping Mentor.

By having help in keeping your Bees, you can learn the easy way, not through costly mistakes.

In Kilkenny, I have started to help a number of Beekeepers to manage their hives. In return, I take some of the Honey harvest at the end of the year and I can use those additional Hives to help manage my own and others that I help people with.

There will be times in the Beekeeping Calendar, when you really need more than 1 hive to get over a problem. If your Queen dies, a new Queen doesn’t mate or if your Queen starts laying Drones and the Hive cannot produce a new Queen to succeed her, then you will need a frame of brood with some freshly laid eggs so that the Bees can raise a new Queen.

If you miss a swarm and a colony is suddenly very small, you may be able to boost numbers with a Frame of Brood from another Hive.

There are lots of examples how one Hive can help another to survive an emergency or calamity!

To find a Mentor near you, join your local Beekeeping Association. If you are in Kilkenny and would like to add your Hives to our cooperative, get in touch!