New additions to the Menagerie – Alpacas


I have always wanted to keep Alpacas. The more I read or hear about them, the more I like the sound of them. Alpacas are famously:

  • Fearless protectors of other animals!¬†They will take on even the cheekiest of foxes to keep poultry or lambs safe.
  • Healthy! Alpacas do not suffer from the myriad of diseases and ailments that sheep can be prone too.
  • Friendly! At the recent Smallholders Gathering in Kilkenny we led 3 Alpacas up and down the Parade in the Kilkenny through crowds of people and they happily paused to pose for photos.
  • Expensive! Which is why I haven’t been able to justify keeping any, until now.

I recently went to collect 4 Alpaca from someone who no longer had the time to care for them. I’m really looking forward to welcoming these gorgeous creatures into the fold and training them so that I can take them on walks on the halter.