Hey! Keep in touch – with your customers.


They are hard to identify, find and secure so after going to all of that effort don’t just let them go!

Businesses that manage their past or potential client communications effectively can dramatically reduce the cost of acquisition and increase revenue.

Companies in the food, hospitality or leisure industries have the best opportunities to create a group of loyal customers who not only support their businesses but who can actually be advocates and sales people online!

Keep in touch via Social Media or email – even snail post! But be sure that you are sending out material which MOST of the recipients want to receive. There will always be some ‘unsubscribers’ but don’t take it personally, think instead of the people who enjoy your messages or learn something from them!

Keep in touch and help your potential customers remember that you exist!

Check out the Croan Cottages newsletters for examples of how you can pitch the tone and content to try to engage with past customers or those who contacted you about your business:

Croan Cottages


Samples of positive feedback to recent ‘news’ from Croan Cottages:

Just wanted to compliment you guys on your newsletter, it’s wonderful!
Brightened up a dark morning and hope the bear makes his way home 🙂