Things to do now 10th February

Today on The Kitchen garden we were joined by Eva Homes from Darver House Nursery to talk about her work there and her interest in cut flowers.

We also got a chance to talk a little about flowers that benefit the bees in our garden.

It wasn’t all chat though, there are still some jobs to do this week:

  • Check stored Flower tubers such as Dahlia, Begonia and Gloxinia. These can be planted into pots in a frost free greenhouse now.
  • Sow seeds for vegetable plants that will go out early in the garden. these include: Onions, early cabbages, cauliflower and lettuce.
  • Continue to plant seeds in the greenhouse for those plants that need a long growing season: Tomato, Chilli and Peppers
  • finish pruning fruit trees and bushes (not plum trees).
  • Check the ties on trained trees and climbers to make sure they are not too tight. This years growth will swell branches and limbs so ensure that ties hold the branch in place but do not grip too tightly to the plant.

apple tree