The School of Food

As an IT and eBusiness consultant, I had focussed on developing a web presence for a range of Small and Medium Enterprise clients, with a special emphasis on rural projects and companies.

This interest and expertise evolved into a central role in conceiving, establishing and developing the School of Food in Thomastown.

Initially as a volunteer Board Member, I brought my project management background and hands-on approach to taking the project from aspiration to reality.

The School of Food opened in January 2015 and was supported by a committed team of volunteers and some very well known advocates.

Having taken on the role of Manager I set about turning the potential of the now completed building into a fully functioning School and rural food business hub, conceiving and populating a broad range of food and gardening courses and facilities for a range of interests and abilities, from novice to professional.

In response to a dramatic change in direction and ambition at Board level in July 2015, I turned my interests and passion from the School of Food to what I do best: consulting, smallholding, gardening, beekeeping and brewing .

Get in touch, I am always available to advise, develop and invigorate your business.