Local SEO

Local is more important than ever and with the dropping of right column ads, this may be your best channel to potential customers. Use this checklist to be sure that your site is as well optimised as possible.

On-Page Checks

Title Tags

Most obvious one – Use your keywords in your page titles.

Clean URLs

Use clean, SEO friendly URLs. Scrap the numbers and use some words!

Duplicate Content

Make sure you are not using duplicate content – not just across different sites you own but also ensure that URLs are not generated in multiple formats to point to the same post or page. Google will treat each of the resolved URLS as separate pages, but of course their content will be identical.

Logos & Images

Optimize your logo and other images. Visitors and Google both hate to wait for huge files that you are scaling on the page.

non-www to www

Pick one and use it! I recommend that non-www URLs are redirected to www..


Setup Google Webmaster Tools & ensure that Google can crawl your site properly.

Google Analytics

Install Google Analytics and use them.

Indexable Menus

Make sure that your navigation menu items are indexable and followable by the search engines.

Add content regularly

Do you have a blog? Do you add new products regularly? Whatever the method, add new content regularly!

Mobile Responsive

It simply has to be done! Make your Website responsive. Google provides a test tool:


Google+ Profile

Google Profile

Do you have a Google+ Profile setup? If not, set one up!

Google My Business Page Claim

If you find that there is a Google My Business Page for your company but you are not in control of it then claim your Google listing.

Google Profile + Google Plus

Is your Google Local profile merged with the Google+ page? It should be.

Accurate Category

Ensure that you are listed in the right category.

Accurate Listing

Ensure that your business name is EXACTLY listed in Google Places and that your contact details, business opening hours, etc.  are correct.

Logos & Cover Photo

Add your logo and a cover photo to make the page attractive. For the best results add at least 5 photos to optimise for the ‘photo’ carousel.


Negative Reviews

You will most likely get them. The important thing is how you deal with them. Respond! Be reasonable but you should respond to Negative Reviews

Generate Reviews

Ask Customers to leave reviews and make sure that you make it easy for Customers to review your business.


The idea is to turn those people who find you into customers. To do that you need to convert them!

Call To Action

Make sure that your Call To Actions are displayed prominently, things like: ‘Call Now’, ‘Buy it here’, ‘Book Now’.

Phone Number

Make it easy to find and clickable to call.


People like to hear about others’ experiences. Show Testimonials & Reviews on your Website.


Engagement on Social Media is very, very important.


Create A Twitter Profile and use it.


Create A Facebook Page and use it.