How to make a Leaf Mould Cage/Bin

I have no shortage of fallen leaves each Autumn and every Spring it’s amazing how much compost we get through with seeds and seedlings.¬†Fortunately one is the solution to the other!

A Leaf Mould bin is a tidy, productive and environmentally friendly method of getting rid of unsightly leaves. There are numerous designs online but I have found that this one works well and it’s made from durable, widely available and not too expensive materials.

What you’ll need for your Leaf Mould Bin:

  • a sheet of 2 inch galvanised mesh
  • 4 square fence posts for each bin
  • staples or nails.

To create the Leaf Mould bin

  1. Cut the sheet of mesh with an angle-grinder or bolt cutters to size. The one shown here will be 4 feet high and 3 feet on each side.
  2. Bend the mesh using a couple of planks and then sharpen the corners with a hammer.
  3. Attach the sides to the fence posts using the staples. I keep the posts slightly raised off the ground to prolong their life as it reduces rot.

Leaf mold bin